Pro-Shot .17 Cal. Rifle Bore Brush

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Pro-Shot .17 Cal. Rifle Bore Brush

Brass Core and Bronze Bristles (Benchrest Type)

Pro-Shot manufactures superior bore brushes for shooters to withstand frequent use. Construction consists of a high-quality brass core and coupling with extra thick bronze bristles.

Over the year these brushes have been used to set world records across the world. With exceptional bore cleaning ability, they are also a safe for your bore. All Pro-Shot Benchrest Bore Cleaning Brushes are specifically sized for each caliber/mm, with each brush being over-sized for extended life and maximum cleaning power!



· Pro-Shot Bore Brush - Precision Engineered Design, Fit, & Function
· Superior Stiff Bristles with extra thick fill
· Precision .17 Cal. #5-40 Threads
· Made in USA


Brush Thread Information: All Pro-Shot Brushes are Mfg. with American Standard Threading

· .17 and .20 Cal. - #5-40 thread
· Rifle and Pistol - #8-32 thread
· Shotgun - #5/16-27 thread