Limbsaver True Track Tofot, Gen.II

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Straight forward and user friendly
In an effort to minimize the complexity of the design, we engineered this bipod to be simple and reliable, resulting in a less cumbersome product.

Lightweight & compact
Weighs only 7oz. Just throw it in your bag or on your favorite rifle and go!

Secure attachment
Comes in either a picatinny rail mount or a universal swivel stud mounting design to securely and reliably mount to your rifle. True-Track has a built-in sling attachment point for your convenience.

NEW Leg-Lock 
Leg-Lock secures the bipod legs in the upright position for maximum stability.

Built for the elements
Made from durable Isoplast, the True-Track offers rock-solid performance in all weather conditions.

Adjustable design
Adjust leg height independently from 7-11”. Leg and folding tension can also be adjusted to preference.

Quiet & smooth operation
No springs means no creaking or clanging sounds, and no pinched fingers.

Pivots on uneven terrain
Innovative design allows you to pivot on uneven terrain.