Contessa er et Italiensk selskap som produserer skinnemontasjer, ringer og baser i svært høy kvalitet.

De har også komplette QR løsninger til f.eks Blaser systemrifler.

Contessa er 100% Italiensk håndverk, og alt blir produsert og montert hos Contessa i Italia.

Contessa is an Italian company, famous for producing aesthetically appealing mounts with a nice fit and finish. The tolerances of the produced pieces are very tight – there are no deviations, the mounts are very carefully machined. Contessa manufactures their mounts from solid blocks of steel, providing for a durable and reliable build. The rugged construction makes them impervious to the recoil of even the strongest calibers. They use a glossy, deep blued finish for their mounts. The only exception is their Picatinny rails – these come in a matte finish. Most of their mounts have Contessa’s logo imprinted on the housing, along with a ‘made in Italy’ label, both in gold colour.