Vortex Viper Digital Camera Adapter

Viper Digital Camera Adapter

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Viper Digital Camera Adapter
Capture exciting shots the easy way! Put the extra magnification of any Viper spotting scope into action by digiscoping with your digital camera. The Viper digital camera adapter makes this vital connection to a variety of digital cameras.

Regardless of whether you use a DSLR or point-and-shoot digital camera for digiscoping, you´ll need a threaded ring to connect the lens of the camera to the Viper digital camera adapter. Vortex includes several ring options with the Viperdigital camera adapter. Choose between 30mm, 37mm, 43mm, 52mm, 55mm, and 58mm threaded rings. Refer to the Viper Digital Camera Adapter manual for more details.
Digital SLR Cameras (DSLR)
Connect the Viper spotting scope to a DSLR camera body with a fixed 50mm lens. The 50mm lens of most digital cameras has a 52mm thread, but you will need to choose the specific adapter ring that fits the threads of your DSLR camera lens.
Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras
Connect the Viper spotting scope to a point-and-shoot digital camera that has no more than a 3–4x optical zoom. In order to digiscope with this adapter alone, your camera will need filter threads. Most point-and-shoot digital cameras do not have filter threads. For point-and-shoot digital cameras without filter threads,you can purchase the PS-100 attachment which provides the required 37mm threads needed to connect to the 37mm Viper digital camera adapter ring.