About the only creature we can`t deceive, is you.

Lucky Duck™ is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle built around the subtle art of critter deception. While you are focused on the business end of a shotgun or rifle, know that we are completely focused on what matters most: you.

From our humble beginning in 1995 with one product, to 23 years later and over 100 products, our mission has always remained the same - to create innovative and quality hunting products that help you become more successful in the field. Over the years we have gained experience in the industry, reacted to customer`s wants and needs, and have continued to innovate. As a family owned business, we realize the value of customer service and that is why all of our products come with a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Whether you are in the duck blind, dove field, on a predator stand, or chasing turkeys, we are confident our products will help you succeed.

Here at Lucky Duck, we are the Masters of Deception.